Here teachers will find detailed guides to the images on the website as well as lesson plans and actitivities created by Menasha teachers.


  Introductory Documents


Read This First: An Overview



Menasha Historical Sources

smithwalkingtour.pdf indianeffigymounds.pdf

  General Lesson

Lesson: Introductory



Activity: KWL Graphic Organizer


Activity:Scavanger Hunt

  Birds'-Eye View

Section Guide



Activity: Timeline

After reading Menasha History found in Bird's Eye View of Menasha have students fill out the timeline worksheet that you should have downloaded and made copies of prior to going to the lab. The timeline has more than one correct way of filling it out and can be done using dates, events or a combination of both.


  Main Street Through the Years

Section Guide


Lesson: Main Street



Activity:Maps Over Time


Activity: Map Key


Activity: Drawing Conclusions

  City Departments Help Menasha

Section Guide




Lesson: Fire Protection

  Menasha Goes to Work
  Section Guide
  Getting Around Our Community
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