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Food Service

Welcome to MJSD Dining Services managed by

Susan Malesa - Director of Dining Service
(920) 967-1963

Deb Grossinger - Assistant Director of Dining Service
(920) 967-1966

Kathy Cheslock - Administrative Assistant
(920) 967-1965

Lorna Topinka - Administrative Assistant
 (920) 967-1956


Attention Parents/Guardians!

Please make sure your child has sufficient funds to cover breakfast and lunch purchases for the school year!
The district observes a "no charge" policy.
If your student does not have sufficient funds they will be offered a "Courtesy Meal" at no charge.  This meal consists of the student's choices of fruits, vegetables and a milk.  They will be offered this meal until funds are available.
Payments made online are applied immediately.  Payments put in the "Lunch Money Boxes" at the schools are processed within 24 hours.

ATTENTION PARENTS:  Use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to make a payment or view your child's lunch account.  
Your Parent Portal Activation Key is available from your building secretary if you have never logged in before.


Chartwells has several positions available - part time!


Please contact Kathy Cheslock at 967-1965 or

Application for Employment with Chartwells Dining Food Service - Apply online at


SUMMER FOOD PROGRAM:Summer-Half-Sheet-Insert-2018.jpg


English & Spanish

BREAKFAST Menu - Clovis              LUNCH Menu - Clovis

BREAKFAST Menu - High School     LUNCH Menu - High School


MAY FOOD FOCUS - Berries! 

Garden Vegetables


Berries get their color from phytochemicals. 

Berries can be frozen or fresh, so you can enjoy them year-round.

Strawberries grow on plants, but all other berries grow from bushes.  The size of the bush depends on where they are growing.  They can grow in any climate and just about anywhere, from forests to flowerpots.

Blueberries are one of the only foods that are truly blue in color.

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