Lists of books in German and Polish languages to be Purchased.

Menasha Free Public Library association is progressing in it work, and will be ready in the course of a few weeks to issue books to the reading public. It is the purpose of the association to meet the need of the public in every sense, and make the library the gathering place of the people, out of which a larger intelligence shall grow for all. The Menasha association is working in harmony with the State Library association in making its list. The State association is strongly in favor of putting some good German and Polish books into the library, because, although the younger generation will grow up to read and enjoy English literature, the older people will of course prefer books in their native tongue.

Image 4: Library will have books in German and Polish, July 24, 1896, Menasha Evening Breeze.
Image ID#: GerPolish_books_1896

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