The Electric Lights Turned on for the First Time Wednesday Evening—Congressman Miner on the Water Situation --- the Central Withdraws the Menasha Express.

December 11 will go down in local history as the date on which Menasha was once more basking in the rays of electric light, the current having been turned on over the entire circuit for the first time Wednesday evening. The lamps were found to work better than was expected by even the most sanguine, and the light they shed was a very strong and steady one. Thanks to the good judgment used by the council in placing the lamps, every portion of the city is now thoroughly lighted and pedestrians can see their way for blocks ahead, where under the reign of gasoline, only a small radius was illuminated. The Neenah & Menasha Gas and Electric Light Company is evidently doing its best to give the city good service, and so long as they provide the excellent light given thus far, there can be no complaint.

December 14, 1895

Image 10: Electric Street Lights turned on, Dec 14, 1895, Menasha Press.
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