FITZGERALD & Co.'s line of Steamers, consisting of the OSHKOSH CITY , QUEEN CITY , PEYTONA, EUREKA, and W. A. KNAPP will form a daily line on Lake Winnebago, the Wolf and Fox Rivers , for the transportation of freight and passengers during the present season of navigation.


Will leave Fond du Lac every morning at 7 o'clock, running through Lake Winnebago to Menasha, connecting at Oshkosh with Steamers for Berlin, Gills Landing and New London- returning the same day to Fond du Lac .


Will leave Fond du Lac daily at 2 o'clock P. M., immediately upon arrival of the cars from Milwaukee, running through to Gills Landing the same afternoon-touching at Oshkosh and the intermediate landings.

Will leave Gills Landing, at 5 A. M. daily, touching at Oshkosh, and running through to Fond du Lac in time to connect with the 2 o'clock train of cars from Milwaukee.

One of these Boats will leave Menasha at 7 o'clock A. M., running through to Berlin , connecting with boats at Oshkosh for Fond du Lac , Gills Landing and New London .

Will leave Berlin at 6 A. M., for Fond du Lac and Menasha.

By this line passengers can go through from Oshkosh, Menasha, Gills Landing, and Berlin to Milwaukee same day in time to connect with Clement's evening line of Steamers for Chicago. Passengers from the East or South destined for Berlin, Stevens Point, or the Northwestern part of the State, will find this altogether the most desirable route, it being as quick and cheap as any other route, with less than half the staging.

Our Boats have been fitted up in good style for the convenience and comfort of passengers.


Oshkosh , April 14 th , 1856

Image 9: Schedule of steamboats, May 17, 1856, Menasha Advocate.
Image ID#: Steamboats_1856_05

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