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Bird's-Eye View


Bird's-Eye View Published Jan 1871 from information gathered in 1870.

Items to look for


Bridges (from left):

1. Over Little Lake Butte des Morts

“In 1853, the first bridge across Lake Butte des Morts was built, giving direct communication with the farming country to the west.

This bridge was replaced by a float bridge with a draw, in 1856, and in 1861, a pile bridge was constructed, which is still standing but for the past two or three years has been impassable. “ Harney's History of Winnebago County p. 219

2. Railroad bridge

3. Washington St. in two parts: large section over the river; smaller section over the canal can be raised.

4. Mill Street . The current bridge is at a different angle and enters at Racine Street .


Canal and Lock:

The canal runs from Little Lake Butte des Morts on the left to Lake Winnebago . The lock is on the Little Lake Butte des Morts end



Note streets are laid out in straight lines. They make rectangular blocks except in two places. One is where they are angled to follow the river. The other is the road to Kaukauna at the upper right. Why was Kaukauna important? Because it was below the waterfalls. Goods could be moved by boat upriver from Green bay to Kaukauna, then they had to be moved to wagons for the trip to Menasha, where they could be loaded onto boats again for the trip to Fond du Lac , Oshkosh , or further upriver.

1870's Main Street is what is now Broad St. ; modern Main Street was Kaukauna St . Many streets were named for other cities in Wisconsin . “The Avenue” is now Nicolet Avenue .



Where are the largest buildings? What are they?

Answer: Factories. They are along the water so they could receive materials and ship goods easily, but more importantly so they could use the power of the falling water to operate machinery.

St. Patrick's Church is near the same location as at present.


National House:

The new hotel was featured on this map.


Other features:

On Naymut Street , the small trees in rows are fruit trees in an orchard.

There is a matching view of Neenah looking south from Doty Island .

Author: Mara Munroe