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April 28th: 5:00-6:00pm


Fox Valley Virtual School (FVVS) is a 4K-8th public school for students and families across Wisconsin who want a virtual learning experience.  


Our online school offers both flexibility and differentiated learning for our 4k-8 students.  An engaging, highly interactive curriculum challenges students in all the core subjects.  Students in grades 4K-6 will also have the opportunity for weekly gym, music, art, and guidance.  In grades 7 and 8 electives for Spanish, robotics, health and gym will be choices for the students. Our school will also have support for reading and math interventions, special education, and English Learner support, for any students who may need these services. 


Students participate in a mixture of live and recorded lessons through our learning management system.  Teachers create a classroom environment feel just like in traditional brick and mortar schools. Students participate in two live blocks in the morning with small group support in the afternoon. Our live classes are engaging and interactive. We also record them for students who are unable to attend or who may need additional review.  

We provide a flexible schedule for students and families to work within their own specific needs. This also provides students with many opportunities to practice higher level executive functioning skills for time management, organization and taking ownership of their own learning. 

Differentiated Learning

Additionally, students will also participate in small group and individualized instruction that is tailored specifically to their needs.  This approach has shown to have a significant positive impact on students’ academic success.  The Fox Valley Virtual School will also have a physical location where students may meet with teachers periodically, if they need additional support. 


All FVVS students will be provided a Chromebook for each school calendar year. Hotspots are available for students who need internet access. 


To apply to the FVVS please Complete the Fox Valley Virtual School application form for every child wishing to attend by scanning the QR code or going to this URL:

Call Renae Braun at 920-967-1421 for any questions


Parent Testimonials 

"Choosing Fox Valley Virtual was one of the best decisions we have made for our son."

"They made it simple, easy to navigate."

"I know what my child is learning. The teachers are supportive and responsive." 

 "We love the freedom and flexibility.  *You can learn virtually anywhere! This program has given our children precious extra time with Grandma and Grandpa. (One cannot put a measure on that)"

"My daughter has learned such important life skills. As a first grader, she is active in her own learning. We've been amazed at how her executive functioning skills have improved! Additionally, she's a proficient reader and writer due to the individualized instruction her teacher provides her." 


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