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Programs Of Study

Career Cluster Programs of Study

What is my post secondary plan? Many adults still modify or change their post secondary plan. While you are learning your interests and creating your personal plan you can use programs of study to help you create an engaging experience in high school.

How do I know which classes to take in high school? Which clubs and activities should I participate in? What else is there to know or do?

Welcome to the Career Cluster Programs of Study! You will find 16 “Career Cluster” areas, and under each area, all associated "Career Pathways.”

You have spent time in middle school and in high school taking interest inventories and learning about potential careers/career areas that may interest you while creating your Academic Career Plan (ACP). If you have developed a strong interest area, you can click on the link for that program of study to see what classes, clubs, and other activities may interest you while in high school.

Menasha High School staff have worked to create suggested courses and experiences that will provide beneficial background for each pathway area. This is meant to be a guide as careers are constantly changing.

For additional assistance, make an appointment with a school counselor.

16 Career Clusters/Programs of Study (POS)

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Architecture & Construction

Arts, AV, Technology, & Communication

Business, Management, & Administration

Education & Training


Government & Public Administration

Health Science

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security



Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics


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