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Jefferson Elementary 4K-2

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Blue Ribbon School

We are proud to announce that Nicolet Elementary School is a 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools awardee for exemplary achievement gap closing. Our students scored in the top 15 percent on the “Closing Gaps” priority area of Wisconsin’s school report cards. We are one of only eight schools in the state of Wisconsin to earn this prestigious award. Staff, students and families at both Jefferson and Nicolet should celebrate! While Jefferson is not mentioned, the district recognizes that Jefferson and Nicolet operate as a PK-5 school while separated by two campuses. This nomination is based on the State Report Card which is directly correlated to the Wisconsin Forward Exam administered to students in grades 3-8. Since grades PK-2 do not participate in the state's Forward testing, they do not receive a school report card. However, it should be recognized that Nicolet would not perform as well as they do without the hard work and dedication of the staff and students and Jefferson.  Menasha acknowledges that it is the collaborative efforts of the staff, students and families at both Jefferson and Nicolet that helped earn this recognition.

School of Recognition Award

The Schools of Recognition award is presented to schools leveraging federal Title I funding to provide additional resources and services to economically disadvantaged students. The staff and students of Nicolet Elementary earned an award for “Beating the Odds”.  Criteria for receiving a Schools of Recognition award includes reaching goals for test participation, attendance, and graduation rates. By the nature of being split into two different campuses, it should be recognized that our students in grades PK-2 at Jefferson are learning and preparing to demonstrate their knowledge once they enter Nicolet. We acknowledge in Menasha that it is the collaborative efforts of the sta

Beating the Odds Schools

  • are in the top 25 percent of high-poverty schools in the state, and
  • ​have above-average student achievement in reading and mathematics when compared to schools from similarly sized districts, schools, grade configurations, and poverty levels 
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Important Information


Dear Jefferson/Nicolet Families,


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Jefferson and Nicolet Elementary Schools!  My name is Erin Cutler and I feel fortunate to serve as the building principal.  Together we can work to ensure your child has a great school year where they grow to their fullest potential.  


I have had the pleasure of being in elementary education for the past 22 years.  It has been my commitment and life’s work to ensure that each and every child has a positive, productive elementary school experience. This happens when school personnel, families, and students work together!  


At Jefferson and Nicolet schools we have an outstanding, dedicated staff that works collectively and collaboratively to meet the needs of every student.  It is my goal to support families, students and staff with every opportunity to work and grow together across the school year.


I look forward to meeting and partnering with you for a productive and engaging school year. Please feel free to email or call if you need anything.  Together we can make this a fantastic school year!  


Erin Cutler

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